What to Bring

Rowing is a tough sport, and it can be hard to know what to bring/wear. Here is a list of items we recommend you bring.

  • Water
  • Thermal gear, t-shirt, jumper (weather depending)
    • Please avoid bringing jumpers/hoodies with front pockets. The oar handles can get caught in these pockets and may lead to a cold swim in the Liffey. We recommend beginners use cycling tops/t-shirts with thermals
  • Wellies/Crocs/Flip-flop
  • Spear (warm) gear, especially socks!
  • A towel
  • Food for after training

Gloves are allowed, but not recommend as they impair the athletes ability as an oarsman. Any decent rower will tell you how important this is. Sore hands are a sign of hard works!