Towing Club Boat Trailer

We appreciate help from parents and supporters of Blackrock Rowing Club who are in a position to tow the Club trailer and boats from time to time.  If you have a hitch on your vehicle and are in a position to help, please contact one of the coaches or a member of the Committee and we can add you to the WhatsApp group that we use for arranging towing the trailer to and from events.

trailer at islandbridge
Club trailer at Islandbridge


Generally, with some preparation, towing of the trailer is relatively straightforward.  Rowing Ireland provides a helpful page on their website that sets out the key considerations if you have not towed a trailer previously, which is available if you click here.

Key steps include the following:

  1. You need to hold a suitable driving licence. An Irish licence needs to include category E+B:

Driving Licence E+B.jpg

  1. You should confirm that your insurance covers towing of a trailer that is consistent with the Blackrock Rowing Club trailer.  Some policies have exclusions, such as the following:

Insurance endorsments.jpg

However, we have found that a call to your insurance provider can remove such an exclusion clause without cost.

  1. Check the towing capacity of your vehicle. This is generally approx. 85% of the vehicle base curb weight, which is typically is the weight of a vehicle including a full tank of fuel and all standard equipment. It does not include passengers, optional equipment or cargo.  The weight of the trailer without load is 1,020kg.  For example, a Hyundi Tucson base curb weight is 1,700kg.  The trailer (1,020kg) carrying Libermann 8 (100kgs) + Robur 4 (50kgs) + Fides 4 (50kgs) + 2 Wintech (30kg) + tent (103kg) = 1,353kgs.  This is less than 85% of the vehicle weight of 1,445kgs.  The trailer tyres take 50psi.
Trailer specs RB2600
Trailer specifications for Club trailer (RB2600)
  1. When attaching the trailer to your vehicle, the sequence is to place the chain over the hitch, clamp on hitch, connect electrical cable, check all lights work, ensure you write your registration on rear reg. plate and unlock brake before taking off.
  1. Check you have additional trailer equipment, including road side bag which contains: a wheel brace, road side triangle, spare bulbs and fuses, hi-viz jackets and a trailer and vehicle electrics tester.
  1. Pay particular care to the length of the vehicle, allowing wide berth when turning, and height of the fully loaded trailer.

If you would like to discuss the above, a member of the committee will put you in touch with one of the people who have already towed the trailer to and from events.

Good luck and thanks for your help!

full boats 2017 and car

full boats 2017