Suggestions for nutrition during the school day

Note: The two most important things are:

  1. You are certain that you have eaten enough food to fuel your body for a session; otherwise you will not get the best out of yourself when you train.
  2. You refuel ASAP after each session to help speed up the body’s recovery. The longer and harder the session, the more food and fluids you will need to replace.

Breakfast (before morning erg/water session) 6:45am

  • Options: Bowl of porridge (large with full fat milk)/Weetabix 4+/any other nutritious cereal such as alpen, fruit and fibre, cornflakes etc. Avoid sugary cereals or cereals that will not provide energy (rice krispies, sugar puffs etc.)
  • Any piece of fruit. Usually it is easiest to have a banana, apple or an orange.
  • Fluids: Water, juice.

Breakfast (after session) 8:40am

  • More of the same if you are not sick of it!!
  • Other options: Eggs are full of protein, making them ideal for post session (preferably boiled
  • Toast (wholemeal bread). Sliced brown bread.
  • Nuts, raisins, other fruit.
  • Smoothies/protein shake.
  • Low fat yoghurt.
  • Milk (Full Fat)

Snacks (throughout day)

  • Fruit, nuts, cereal bars (healthy ones like ‘Go Ahead’ and ‘Belvita’)
  • Wholemeal pasta and stir-in (in lunch box)
  • Boiled eggs


  • Canteen – opt for the main meal as opposed to the fast food.
  • Packed lunch – Wholemeal pasta/brown rice or basmati rice with chicken/turkey/tuna and carrot/broccoli/sweetcorn.
  • Sandwiches- Wholemeal bread with chicken/turkey/ham and salad.
  • Fruit
  • Milk

Snack before evening session. 15:45pm (As above)